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The Good Cup - 16oz (box of 800)

The Good Cup - 16oz (box of 800)

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Replace your hot and cold takeaway cups and all associated lids with these amazing lid-less takeaway cups

They're bio-degradable, recyclable, compostable, and 100% plastic-free

Save space, money and help reduce plastic waste with The Good Cup!


Every year, over 500 billion single-use plastic and paper cups are manufactured globally, generating a total of over 1 million tonnes of waste in plastic lids alone. 

These lids are more often made of polypropylene or polystyrene; which are petroleum-based plastics that are difficult to recycle

The majority of cups produced have a PLU lining meaning they are also not recyclable or require special treatment,

The process of recycling and making these plastic lids usable again is prohibitively expensive, and costs more than it does to manufacture new lids

As a result, more lids are produced, and these find their way into landfill sites at alarming rates. Our mission is to eradicate the use of plastics in takeaway cups

The amount of plastic lids being produced for single-use purposes is increasing exponentially worldwide, and demand has never been greater for an ecological, economical solution to this critical issue. 

THE GOOD CUP solves these issues with a coated paper certified plastic-free, in turn streamlining the recycling process and ensuring a fully green drinking experience

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