Coffee ain't just coffee any more!

With a booming cafe culture developing in the UK the demand for quality coffee is on the rise. Customers are expecting a better cup and are seeking out places that can produce exceptional coffee every time.

That's what we've done at the ICON ACADEMY. We've created a bunch of courses dedicated to helping you get the best skills possible to consistently make great coffee.

From our most popular barista fundeamentals course that has seen hundreds of eager baristas learn life long skills, to advanced barista training, home barista training and cafe consulting.

If you need training to get to the next level then book an ICON ACADEMY course today and lets help you gain consistency with every cup

  • Steve - Covering West Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey

    Steve has been involved in coffee for over 25 years and has been training for over 20. Not only that, Steve founded the ICON ACADEMY and wrote all the available courses!

    Steve has estimated that he's trained several thousand people over the years and would love you to be the next!

  • Molly - Covering East Sussex

    Molly has dived head first into the world of coffee and brings a fresh approach to training. Her ability to teach (young or old) as well as create some of the best coffee out there is second to none. That's why she's an ICON trainer!

  • Henry - Covering Kent

    The owner of Imperial Jade Coffee Company knows a thing or two (or three or four) about coffee. Henry's passion for quality in the cup is inimitable.

    So if you're in Kent then you're in luck. You get the ICONIC Henry as your trainer!


CPD Accredited Barista Fundamentals Course (Online Version) - £109 Per Person - In your own time


  • Dialling in
  • Espresso Prep
  • Milk Texturing
  • Maintenance

CPD Accredited Barista Fundamentals Course (Face-to-Face) - £149 up to 5 people - 2 hours


  • Dialling in
  • Espresso Prep
  • Milk Texturing
  • Maintenance

CPD Accredited Advanced Barista Skills Course - £129 Per Person - 2 hours


  • Advanced milk texturing and latte art
  • Machine Programming
  • How to change burrs and other minor maintenance

CPD Accredited Intensive Full Day Barista Course - £299 per person - 4 hours


  • Coffee origins
  • popular drinks from around the world
  • Cup sizing and ratios
  • Dialling in
  • Espresso Prep
  • Milk Texturing
  • Maintenance
  • Latte Art

The Home Barista Course - £49 per person - 2 hours


  • Origins of coffee
  • Correct storage and home prep
  • Home brewing equipment with focus on your chosen brewing method
  • Maintenance

Cafe Consultancy - £99 session


  • Equipment required
  • Branding and identity
  • Layout considerations
  • POS and till management
  • Staffing and HR
  • EHO and other guidlines
  • Social media and promotion
  • Sourcing stock and suppliers
  • Success strategy for passing the 2 year mark


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