About ICON

ICON started as an idea back in 2018 when our founder Steve was working in a cafe bistro as the general manager.

With over 15 year of experience at that point in his career, he was becoming increasingly frustrated by how many chains were opening up and forcing Independent Cafes to close. He developed an idea where a few Cafes in the local area could group together and share loyalty cards. That was the lightbulb moment.

So after many months of development the Independent Cafe Owners Network was launched at the cafe he was working in with ICON loyalty cards and an ICON stamp. Then several others followed and ICON as it's commonly known began.

Above was the original logo when ICON first launched. But now with pandemics and stuff out of the way, ICON is back with a new look and new rewards for both cafe's and their customers alike!

  • Steve - Director, Founder & Trainer (West Sussex)

    Steve once drank instant coffee. He's not been the same since.


    But that didn't stop him from creating the Independent Cafe Owners Network. Steve is the driving force behind ICON and is incredibly passionate about supporting Independent businesses. He's goal is to create the absolute best network for independent cafes. He also wants to learn how to take decent headshots

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  • Andy - Director

    Andy has been drinking coffee for well over 3 months now.


    But in all seriousness, Andy brings a wealth of management to ICON. The volume of processes and development required to run a business like this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Andy. With his extensive background in tech, he is absolutely the level head and keeps everything running smoothly. An absolute integral cog in the ICON wheel

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  • Molly - Media Manager & Trainer (East Sussex)

    If you've seen an awesome looking reel on Insta or slick post then it's probably come from the creative genius that is Molly.

    We've manage to stumble across a rare gem who's talents with social media are matched by her skills with an espresso machine. So if you're looking getting trained in East Sussex then Molly's your girl!

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  • Henry - Trainer (Kent)

    If you're looking for next level training in the Kent area then Henry is your man.

    There's not much Henry doesn't know about coffee and probably helps that he owns Imperial Jade Coffee!

    Henry's passion and enthusiasm make him a perfect addition to the ICON family

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Be part of the network we're super proud of and join us in growing independent cafes throughout the world