Reward your customers like never before!

ICON REWARDS is the revolutionary loyalty reward app from The Independent Cafe Owners Network

What's in it for me?


As more Independent Cafe's join ICON, more locations become available for your customers to get rewarded

They download the app, sign up for ICON REWARDS then find a location near them. Purchase selected items at participating locations and earn stamps.

When they have enough stamps they can earn a reward.

The more cafes that join, the bigger the pool of customers you gain access to

The more customers, the bigger you grow. Yeah, you may have to give away a coffee now and again, but isn't that worth it for a new customer for life?

How does it work?

Ready to stamp?

When a customer comes in they will ask to use ICON Rewards.

Follow these simple steps to reward your customers;

Step 1: They tell you they want to stamp their ICON Rewards

Step 2: You ask to see their ICON Rewards to validate them

Step 3a: Show the customer the QR code on the 'Wobbler' which will 'stamp' their next available reward and move it to the next one.

That's it!

Ready to redeem?

Then once they've collected ten stamps a new button will appear called 'Redeem'

When they're ready to redeem they will show you. Make sure you see the 'redeem' button before the camera activates,

Then show the customer the QR code on the Wobbler

The stamps will reset and you give the customer their chosen reward.

Easy as that!

But that's not all!

You also get many more benifits with ICON Rewards including:

  • Join a larger pool of customers
  • Full listing with profile page, gallery, write-up, social links, opening times and more
  • Listing on interactive map
  • ICON Rewards window sticker
  • ICON Rewards Wobblers
  • ICON Rewards Poster
  • ICON Rewards Table Talkers
  • Unlimited Geo-fenced pushed notifications - send pop-up notifications to a customer's phone through the app. Target specific customers in specific areas at specific times with links to websites, social media, events and more.
  • Ability to add coupons for ongoing or one-off specials
  • Events listing

If you haven't already, download ICON Rewards for yourself. See what your customers are getting and hey, why not visit another ICON cafe and reward yourself?