Get rewarded everywhere!

ICON REWARDS is the revolutionary loyalty reward app from The Independent Cafe Owners Network

What's in it for me?


As more Independent Cafe's join ICON, the more locations become available for you to get rewarded

Download the app, sign up to ICON REWARDS then find a location near you. Purchase selected items at participating locations and earn stamps.

When you have enough stamps you can earn a reward.

Please note than individual locations have their own requirements for qualifying purchases and rewards. Please check each locations profile in the app to find out their reward requirements

How does it work?

Ready to stamp?

You can gain a stamp at any participating ICON location. Look for the location in the map inside the app and the 'ICON Rewards are here' sticker in the window.

Then follow these 5 simple steps;

Step 1: Select ICON REWARDS' and sign up or sign in

Step 2: Select the next available number in your reward stamps (in the example here it's number 6)

Step 3: Select 'Stamp with QR'

Step 4: Point your camera at the QR Code your server will show you

Step 5: Your number is stamped

Ready to redeem?

Then once you've collected ten stamps a new button will appear called 'Redeem'

When you're ready to redeem show your server.,

then hit the redeem button.

Then scan the QR code like you normally do.

The stamps will reset and you will have earned your reward.

Easy as that!

*Don't forget to check each location profile for their reward terms as each location may offer different qualifying purchases and redemption rewards

Be your own ICON and download the ICON REWARDS App here