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Digital Coffee Scales

Digital Coffee Scales

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One of the most important tools for any barista. Understanding espresso recipes is key to great coffee. 

  • High Precision Measurements - Simple function keys and weighing platform make these coffee scales more convenient to use. Built-in High-precision sensor, responds quickly and accurately, provide you accurate measurements from 0.1g up to 3kg. Not easy to deform, high temperature resistant, up to 135 °. Perfect for measuring espresso, boiled coffee, ingredients, water, powder with amazing accuracy, accurate portion control and healthier cooking.
  • LED Digital Display - This smart digital coffee scale is designed with a wide-screen high-definition LED digital display function, it shows the weight and timer more clearly, easy to read, convenient and intuitive, making the coffee making process more accurate and convenient.
  • Automatic Timing Function - The digital kitchen scale has a automatic timing function to ensure the convenience of brewing coffee, so that you brew your coffee in perfect ratio and precision. When the automatic coffee brewing mode is on, the timer starts when you start adding liquids to the coffee pot. When brewing is complete, the weight and time flash 5 times in sync, then automatically exit and clear.
  • Unit Conversion - Our kitchen coffee dual-purpose scale supports switching of different units of g, oz, lb, which can weight solids and powders. You can freely change for the unit you want only by this one button. Perfect for the volume of coffee bean measuring, home cooking, baking, and food portioning.
  • Excellent Design - Our food weighing scale uses built-in battery with an extra USB charging cable to eliminate the hassle of battery replacement and ensure long-lasting use (It also supports battery power.). The espresso scale has a waterproof and anti-slip silicone pads. It can ensure that the measuring table will not be stained during precise measurement.
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